Primed to Pitch

Pitch to Brands.
Get Paid Partnerships.

A successful pitch will increase your chances of landing the brand deal of your dreams.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’ve been creating content for years, and growing your following, but you’re not getting approached by brands with budgets.  Why continue to wait around?  Introduce yourself by getting directly in front of people who decide which influencers to partner with.


Posting Often, but Not Getting Paid

Although consistency is important, you don’t have to post “three times a day” to work with brands.  Creating the *right* content for the right brands is a better approach than posting random content that doesn’t help you reach your goals.


High follower count With No Offers from Brands

Follower count has always been the focus for many, but have you noticed that no matter how many followers you gain, you still feel unsatisfied?  A high follower count doesn’t guarantee paid brand deals, nor does it guarantee the right people are seeing your content. 


Avoiding Pitching Because it Seems Like a lot of work

It is a lot of work but, is it anymore time-consuming than creating content daily?  I know it seems like “one more thing” added to the list of things to do; however, the effort you put into pitching allows you to slide right into the inbox of the decision makers for influencer campaigns.

Pitching has helped my clients land their highest paying brand deals

You don’t have to wait around for brands to come to you.  You could be the perfect fit for brands, but how will they know if you aren’t appearing in the places they’re looking to find influencers?  Make the first move by reaching out to them.

VOI Agency Roster

the success stories



“You helped me land $5,o00 in paid partnerships in one month!”

VOI Agency Brands Collabs include: Raw Sugar, Forager, Youtube Originals, Organifi, Jack & Annies, Maxine’s Heavenly, and more…



“Shauna coached me through my FIRST PAID BRAND DEAL with Reebok and Splendid Spoon!”

VOI Agency Brand Collabs include: The Honey Pot, My Happy Flo, Reebok, Splendid Spoon, Knix, and more..



“My followers increased by over 80%, and my accounts reached increased by over 1200% in three months!” 

VOI Agency Brand collabs include: The Lip Bar, Slutty Vegan

Your follower count isn’t the problem

You don't have to stress over follower count to work with brands

Ever wonder why there are influencers with tons of followers, but they still aren’t securing paid partnerships?  How about those that rarely post, but still pop up with paid campaigns?  Focusing on follower count and nothing else, is 

CEO of VOI Agency

It's nice to meet you - I’m Shauna

As the CEO of VOI Agency, I’ve secured some amazing paid partnerships for influencers.

I used to dread pitching on behalf of my influencer clients.  I cringe thinking about the pitches I sent based on templates that didn’t include important details brands want to know.

During your Primed to Pitch strategy session, we’ll create a strategy and framework to follow so you can work towards landing partnerships with brands that are excited to pay your rates.

I’ll teach you the exact process I follow for my influencer clients that have led to multiple 4-figure brand partnerships.


What’s Included

Unlimited access to the 2 hour zoom session

A private portal to access your session and documents all in one place.

14 days of additional 1:1 support via Slack which starts after your session ends

Part 1: Analytics / Rates

We’ll thoroughly review your analytics across your most active social media platforms.  We’ll use this information to set goals, negotiate rates, and identify what’s working and needs improvement.

Why is this important? 

  • As an influencer, it’s important to be data-driven
  • Brands are focused on marketing metrics and will be asking about this information
  • Your data paints the true picture of how your account is doing over all.  It also tells you what is resonating with your audience and what isn’t.

Part 2: Brand Research

Before using energy to pitch to brands, you need to gather information about them to help structure your pitch.  You’ll learn what to search for, how to search for it, and how to find the right person to pitch to.

Why is this important?

  • It prevents you from wasting time pitching to brands that don’t have a budget
  • You can gain an understanding of what’s most important to them and anticipate their goals
  • You need to make sure they truly align with your core beliefs.

Part 3: Pitch Framework

We’ll cover the proven framework and techniques for pitching that have led to multiple 4-figure partnerships for my influencer clients.  You’ll be crafting pitches that lead to opens, link clicks, and paid partnerships.

Why is this important? 

  • Brands will know why you’re the best fit for their campaign.
  • Pitching is a great way to build relationships with brands
  • This is the activity that will help you get paid. Not posting content day after day.

Part 4: Rate Packages

Aiming for long-term partnerships is key.  Learn how to bundle up packages and take the guesswork out of establishing your rates.  Feel confident about your rates and know you can back them up with data.

Why is this important?

  • Creating packages will lead to higher paying campaigns
  • You’ll know when to walk away from campaigns that aren’t aligned with your rates.
  • You’ll have flexibility in what you offer to brands

Part 5: Campaign Mangement

Once you land a partnership, you’ll need to manage the campaign.  You’ll also need a workflow and system to track your pitching efforts.  We’ll cover all the steps involved for campaigns.

Why is this important? 

  • Organization is key, especially when you’re managing multiple campaigns.
  • You need to make sure you get paid on time. Brands are often times late paying invoices. 
  • You’ll need to submit drafts and post deliverables in a timely fashion to avoid a breach of your contract 

My client landed a paid partnership with Reebok and Splendid Spoon with 7k followers.

You can get paid brand deals at any follower size, but you need a strategy.

Ready to book a session?

1:1 Influencer Strategy Session

2 Hours – $397.00

This session is best suited for influencers who have already worked with brands in the gifted or paid capacity. 


No. You don’t have to be a vegan or plant-based for this strategy session.  VOI Agency 

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