Effortless Launch

Set up the Tech for Your Online Course on Kajabi or Membervault In Just One Weekend

Launch without the stress and tech confusion. I’ll handle your tech setup quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on engaging with your audience and growing your business. 

Focus on the Fun Parts of Your Business, and I’ll Handle the Tech

You don’t have time to learn all the confusing back end tech for your offer.  You just want to launch your offer quickly and efficiently. VIP Weekends are all about turning your online course, membership, or coaching program setups into a smooth, quick, and expertly handled experience, with minimal fuss.

Getting Lost in the Abyss of Tech Tutorials Is Not What You Wanted

The burden of setting up and automating your online course or membership doesn’t have to be yours alone. 

In fact, getting specialized help can elevate your offer.

Struggling with tech not only delays your launch, but also eats into your valuable time. Think of all the hours lost that could be spent on what truly matters to you.


How does that sound?

Here's a Taste of What's Possible in a Weekend...

Expect a VIP experience crafted precisely for your course, membership, or coaching program's needs.

Evergreen funnels

Turn your live launches into an evergreen funnel that runs on autopilot.  We can use timers like Deadline Funnel to add authentic urgency.

email Sequences

Once your customers or clients opt in to your lead magnet or purchase an offer, they’ll receive everything they need from pdfs to login info…automatically

Tech integrations

Your business tools will be synced together to work in unison, creating an effortless workflow. Expect a streamlined effective system from start to finish.


Automate routine tasks to simplify your business operations. Systems set up to handle emails and updates automatically, freeing your focus for growth

Tech Strategy

We’ll ensure you have the right tools and plans to streamline your project.  We’ll also make sure you’re making the most with the tools you have.

Offer Strategy

Focus on your most successful offers, reducing the overload of choices. We’ll make sure your offers and payment plans are clear and more effective for your members.

Let's tailor your experience to fit your specific needs!
Book a call so we can discuss what you need accomplished for your course, membership, or coaching program.

Remember, booking a VIP Weekend means you're securing my expertise for the weekend, not a predefined list of deliverables. The success we achieve together hinges on your prompt responses and completion of the necessary prep work in advance.

Not sure if a VIP Weekend is right for you? Let's hop on a call. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.


A VIP Weekend is *perfect* for you if:

You’re a successful online business owner. You at excel at what you do, know your customers or clients inside and out, and have a proven validated offer.

You’re ready to automate an evergreen course, membership, or coaching program hosted on Kajabi or Membervault that can help you make money any time of the day or night.

You’re quick to act, responsive in communication, and passionate about achieving great results. You’re a go-getter and plan to be just as committed to the process as I am.

Here's What's Included

Investment: $1,800

Here's What to Expect


Book Your Day

Get started by booking a clarity or by booking your VIP Weekend. You can reserve your weekend with a 50% deposit or by paying in full. Keep in mind, availability is typically 3-4 weeks out and we’ll need time to collect all the pre-work prior to your VIP Weekend. If you pay a 50% deposit, the rest will be due before your VIP Weekend.


Prep & Strategy

During a 90 min kick off call, I’ll collect the pre-work needed from you to proceed with the VIP weekend.  We’ll also discuss strategy for your offer. Please note, you’ll need to provide copy, lesson materials, and branding elements prior to your VIP Weekend.


VIP Weekend

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the weekend while I handle the tech for the set up of your online offer. Please keep an eye out from messages from me in the event I need to reach out for additional information. Your responsiveness is key getting everything accomplished timely.


Debut & Support

We’ll hop on a 60 min Debut call to walk through your offer. This will be the time to implement minor revisions if need be. You’ll also have access to 30 days of additional support post your VIP Weekend.

Book Your VIP Weekend

Not sure if a VIP Weekend is right for you? Let’s hop on a call first.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have prior to booking your VIP experience!

Preferred Tools of the Trade:

Have additional questions?

Let’s hop on a complimentary clarity call.